About Red Dragon Photos

Have Camera, Will Travel!

I am Roy Nierdieck, owner and primary photographer for Red Dragon Photography. I’ve had a passion for art my whole life, beginning with drawing in the margin of my notes and homework in school.

I studied Commercial Art at Texas Tech University and honed my photography skills with intensive practical use. While attending Texas A&M University, I worked as a photographer for the University. I am a member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association and am actively involved in many of the photography groups and associations in the Austin area.

My work has received much recognition and acclaim. My photographs were used in the College of Business display in the Rudder Tower Visitor Center at Texas A&M University. My work has also appeared in the Houston Chronicle, Paper City, and was on the cover and the featured article in the Fort Bend/Katy Business Journal. My wildlife photos are used as greeting cards for the National Wildlife Federation and appeared on the cover of their merchandise catalog. One of my bison photos was used by the President of the National Wildlife Federation as his personal Christmas greeting card to the members in 2014. I have also appeared in the February/March Special Collectors Edition of “Cowboys and Indians” magazine.

Why Red Dragon Photo?

I am not a purist, meaning I consider myself an artist more than a photographer. I will use any tool available to achieve the look I want, whether it is a camera, photoshop, device or gadget- anything is on the table to create my art. I have heard some photographers say they do not retouch their photos at all, they create in the camera and I applaud them, if that is what they want to do. When I was an art major at Texas Tech, I used oils, pastels, pencils and any other media available to render my pictures. That is what I do with my photography.

Because the community is also so vital to my business, I feel I have a responsibility to give support and service back to the people who support me. While attending Texas A&M University, I taught community education classes in photography and was an active supporter and photographer for Justice For Children, an organization dedicated to ending child abuse and volunteered for the Houston Council on Drugs and Alcohol. When I move to Austin, I became a photographer and supporter for the Testicular Cancer Foundation and because of my love and passion for photographing animals, I also support H.O.P.E., Hands On Purpose Enterprises, a no-kill animal rescue facility in Herne, Texas.

I am trained and experienced to handle almost any photographic event or happening you want to preserve. One feature that sets me apart from most other photography businesses is the ability to make your memory into a work of art. I can transform any photo into a masterpiece in virtually any media, oils, watercolor, pastels, etc., that will become a family heirloom. I also have the ability to make your lifelong fantasy come true. If you have always imagined yourself as an ancient warrior, or gunslinger, or anything else that you want, I will orchestrate the location, makeup, costumes and whatever else needed, then transform that into the photo of your dreams. If this appeals to you, contact me for a consultation.